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First, you need to create a Roku com account with and then, you can activate your streaming devices.

-To begin with, make use of your personal computer or your mobile device
-Also, ensure to connect the device to the internet
-Now, access the on your device
-Then, proceed to the SIGN-UP page to create a new account
-This is a three-step process and requires the user to enter their personal details.
-Now use your login credentials to complete the Roku com link sign in.
-First, enter your first and last names along with the email address
-Also, provide a strong password to protect your account
-Then, submit the first online form and then, navigate to the second webpage
-Here, provide a PIN for your account
-Alternatively, enter your PayPal account information as your payment info
-Otherwise, skip this step if you do not wish to provide any payment info
-Then, select the SUBMIT button on the final form

If you are facing issue with Roku Link Setup, you can contact us or visit our website.


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